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Our Brands

BioTown Ag’s mission and motivation is to extract value out of every possible waste stream in our operation. But that’s not the end game unto itself.

Our intent as an agribusiness has always been to maximize those values in the creation of truly outstanding products that are meaningful, in demand and profitable.

Our practice in sustainability has everything to do with how we raise and feed our cattle to produce a beef product—sold into retail and foodservice—that grades USDA prime with remarkable consistency.

Not to mention, it yields a buttery tenderness and more robust beef flavor that are undeniably craveable.

Our Brands

In a venture with Green Rock Energy Partners, and working relationships with dairy producers all across the Midwest, we’re proud to operate a groundbreaking model in renewable natural gas (RNG)—the cleanest transportation fuel available.

How groundbreaking? We’re registering an almost unheard of negative Carbon Intensity (CI) score of –350.

Our Brands