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Global Calling, Meet Indiana.

When a planet only has so many resources and an ever-expanding population, the clock is ticking on the puzzle of sustainability. We’re one family farm in the heart of the Midwest—where folks have a way of getting great things done—that’s developing solutions as big as the challenge.

To find out how, just watch.


Annually Saving

Our Story
160,000TONS of C02emmisions from
the atmosphere
Our Story
128,000TONS ofmaterial waste
from landfills
Our Story
36.5 MGALLONS ofwastewater from
treatment plants
Our Story
7,000TONS ofnatural NPK resources
from strip mines


Sustainability for the Real World is hardly a simple undertaking.

It’s a continuous exercise in discovery and a never-ending practice in innovation, all along a very complex system.

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Saving the planet never tasted so good.

While raising USDA-grade prime beef and pork, we’re also partnering with a renewable-energy private equity firm to market the world’s cleanest transportation fuel.

And that’s just the beginning


BioTown Ag is ingenuity in motion. We’ve humbly served as a model for other serious innovators around the world and we’re always looking for new opportunities.

Stay tuned to see where we go next, or contact us to discuss how we might partner with you in the noble pursuit of sustainability.