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BioTown Ag: Moving Sustainability Forward.

All things in the world begin with a single link. No, not a link to a website, but a link that exists between one organism to another, or one process to another. In sustainable farming, Bio Town Ag is developing links that build a sustainable community. The result is a closed-loop system that requires less […]

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Celebrate Earth Day All Year Round

The first Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 as a way to demonstrate support for environment protection. Since then more than 192 countries honor the earth by holding events, celebrations and creating awareness. And while another Earth Day has passed (Yesterday, April 22nd was Earth Day), Bio Town Ag is proud to celebrate Earth […]

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What is True Sustainability?

What does it mean to be sustainable? Webster’s defines it as “ability to be used without being completely used up or destroyed; and able to last or continue for a long time. But what is Sustainability for Ag-World wide? Write this down… Plain and simple it’s recycling nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, among others) an infinite […]

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5 Major Factors in the Evolution of Farming

We see agriculture through a different lens, one that involves 5 major factors critical to the evolution of farming: -Sustainability: It’s about getting creative and finding a way to use (and re-use) our resources wisely, efficiently and with an eye on the future. -Innovation: Staying ahead of—and on top of—all leading edge technology and apply […]

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