5 Major Factors in the Evolution of Farming

We see agriculture through a different lens, one that involves 5 major factors critical to the evolution of farming:

-Sustainability: It’s about getting creative and finding a way to use (and re-use) our resources wisely, efficiently and with an eye on the future.

-Innovation: Staying ahead of—and on top of—all leading edge technology and apply it to Ag.

-Renewable energy: This goes hand in hand with sustainability and innovation because it will not be easy to do it right: Create a renewable energy program that extracts value from what we throw or give away.

On a high level, all of those ideas then have to work together in our complex world, or the 2 other factors in the evolution of farming:

-Multigenerational farmers: It’s the older generation of farmers connecting with the younger generation. Working together to learn from each other, incorporating new ideas and technology with experience and knowledge.

– Government: Legislators are integral to the process and need, to see the value of the 4 other factors in order to help us pave the way for the future of farming and the American way of life. .

It’s when all of these factors work together that agriculture truly evolves. There is a new wave of thinking when it comes to farming. We’re happing to enjoy the ride.

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